• "Nigel was very easy going and happy to help out with suggestions and examples of what can be done. The results have been good with a lot of positive feedback on the layout of the site and the information. He is currently helping me with a strategy to make the site more prominent on the web to capture more customers. I am very happy with Nigel’s service. Because I am of the generation where computers were not part of my education, I am not particularly computer literate. Nigel was always very accessible and happy to help out. My overall impression of Nigel is that he is professional without being nerdy!"

    Thelma | AllKool

  • "Working with Nigel to develop our site was an absolute pleasure. He completely understood our vision for the site and was able to make this vision a reality. Along the way, they had some excellent ideas to improve the overall look, feel and functionality of the site. We've had excellent feedback from advertisers and also tourists about the site and we look forward to working with Nigel on future projects. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

    Alexandra Cain | What's On in Sydney

  • "I have been working with Nigel for about 14 years and trust him, he has outstanding knowledge in all aspects of the internet. I'm really impressed with Nigel's outstanding personal service and willingness to help."

    Dean Jenkin | Good Gym Guide Australia

  • "We carefully researched Web Development and eCommerce providers because we'd previously had some less than reliable experiences. When we spoke with Nigel, we were impressed with the fast response time. But what really sold me was that I was impressed with his knowledge and his willingness to take all the time required to share his knowledge, plus his obvious business ethics which is important to us when navigating the burgeoning growth and rapid changes in the IT industry. Nigel has helped us achieve a reliable website service for our online customers and branding synchronisation from print to digital. With Nigel, we feel like we're genuinely valued, and like he sees our business success as his success. I feel that Nigel is honest and accommodating and cares to help our business achieve our goals. I feel much more comfortable knowing that whatever growth and changes occur in the IT industry, Nigel will be well equipped to keep us ahead and informed and will care enough to follow through."

    Desiree Lyall | Vita Coco Blue Oxygen Australia