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Ethical advertising challenge feedback

So how did you go on the challenge I posed in my last blog post?

The fact is that two of them were convicted for discriminating sexes.

The ad above for Boxer (above) was convicted on the grounds that he is posed as a sexobject which can be offending to men. The company used a humoristic approach in the ad but the ombudsman did not find it funny. So how can it be reasonable to have a law like that, you might ask? Are the underwear companies, for example just going to show their products on dolls in ads? Well as with most rules,  there are exceptions. You can show men or women in underwear/swim suits and the like IF it is related to your product! That is why Stadiums ad (below) did not get convicted.

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Advertising Ombudsman

internet advertisingMy name is Jenni Hagman and I will be a guest bloggers today on Nigels blog! :) I am from Sweden so I thought that I could share some marketing practices from my country. Today’s post will be on the subject of ethical marketing, more specified: an ethical advertising ombudsman and pose a challenge for the readers on this topic!

An ombudsman is a “Government official appointed to investigate citizen’s complaint against government officials, large public and private corporations, and/or print media” (http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/ombudsman.html). The word ombudsman originally comes from Swedish and is actually one of the FEW words that have migrated from Swedish into English!

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