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Internet Marketing Rumour: Google to Introduce Newspass

Internet MarketingThere are currently rumours floating around the Internet that Google may introduce a payment system for paid content.

What is Newspass
Newspass will be a micropayments system for viewing premium content. This premium content listing in the search engine result pages will be indicated with a Newspass icon. When you click on the link, your Newspass account will have the cost deducted from it.

Websites such as magazines and newspapers that currently have paywalls will finally get what they want. They will have their content indexed in Google which will result in more traffic and they will be paid every time some views their content.

This revenue will be shared between Google and the content provider.

Why are they introducing it?
The search engine has been providing free content to its users since the search engine first began. This has created all sorts of problems for websites with paid content.

Google wants to provide the best results possible to every user. Currently, Google cannot serve some content but Newspass will allow them to fill the void.

When will it be available?
It is currently unknown if any when this will be introduced but I feel that it will probably be out by the end of the year.

Our thoughts
I feel that this is a win for everyone –

  • Publishers who want to charge will receive revenue for articles they publish.
  • Google gives its users all available results
  • Users can view free and premium content on the one page providing the optimal user experience.

Wrap Up
We don’t know when this will be available or if it is true but I know the idea.

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