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Internet Marketing: Google Introduces ACE – AdWords Campaign Experiments

adwords campaign experimentsSplit testing is a method used by search engine marketers to measure the effectiveness of changes to their campaigns.

A simple example would be running two ads with a different titles. The campaign may run for a week and the campaign manager will look at the results of the two ads including impressions, click through rate, conversions and cost per acquisition.

The ad that outperforms will be kept and the other ad will most like be cancelled. A new ad will then be created and tested against the previous best ad. The cycle can continue on indefinitely or until you are satisfied with the results.

Google has released a tool called ACE – AdWords Campaign Experiments. This tool allows you to create parallel campaigns to compete against existing campaigns.

This is taking split level testing to a whole new level. You can now, more easily, compare two campaigns by bids, keywords, adgroups and placement. It also works across the Google search engine and their content network.

The problem with doing split testing is the number of factors that can influence the results. Not every day is the same and holidays, news, and trends can put the split data out.

Wrap Up
This new tool gives Google Adwords advertisers more power to create the perfect Internet marketing campaign.

ACE is currently only open to some US advertisers but will be open to all advertisers very soon.

The following video explains more about ACE presented by the product marketing manager Courtney Lischke.

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