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10 Most Common Mistakes Advertisers Make With Google AdWords

Google Adwords is the sponsorship links that you see on any Google search. They appear above the organic search results and in the right column. They can also appear in the Google  content nextwork.

I have created hundreds of campaigns using Adwords and optimised campaigns for a lot of customers.

Many of the campaigns created by small business owners often have the same mistakes appearing time and time again.

I have complied this list of the 10 most common mistakes that advertisers make when creating and running their Google Adwords campaigns.

1 – Choosing the wrong keywords
Choose keywords that your customer would use when searching for your products and services. Choosing industry related keywords or keywords that buyers do not understand will only put your ads in front of your competitors.

2 – Confusing Adcopy
Simply is best. Remember that the keywords used in the search are bolded in your adcopy. I see many ads that look cryptic – I cannot understand them so I am not going to click on them.

3 – Not managing the account often enough
Internet advertising is not a set and forget operation. You need to continually review your campaigns to ensure that everything is running smoothly and the best it can be.

4 – Not setting up Google Analytics
Google provides a fabulous range of tools including Google Analytics. This is vital information that needs to be used in managing your web presence and measuring your return on investment.

5 – Not measuring conversion rates
Some keywords are going to give great results – but which ones? Setting up the conversion tracking gives you vital information so you can put more money into the best returning keywords.

6 – Starting bidding wars
Being number 1 position isn’t always the best place to be with Internet advertising. Your budget will be used up by the morning and your competitors will get cheap rates after that. They will spend just as much as you have but they will end up with more visitors than you.

7 – Setting geographic area
Advertising to people outside of your service area is a waste of money.

8 -Content network or only search
This simple setting has a huge impact on your campaigns. Do you want to advertise everywhere or just in the search results when people are searching for you? You need to measure these results and find out if it’s worthwhile to advertise everywhere.

9 -Landing page
Are you pointing your visitors to your home page or to the information they asked for. If visitors have to go searching for the information on your website, you may lose the visitor entirely. If you advertise your xyz widgets, send the visitors to the xyz widgets page – not to your home page that lists all your widgets.

10 – Testing
I have seen impatient people blow thousands of dollars within a few days. You need to test the results of your campaigns and then slowly increase the budget over time.

Wrap Up
This list is in no way exhaustive but avoid these mistakes and you will get better results.

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