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Most Visited Sites in Australia

Nielsen has just released their third quarter report for 2010 showing the list of websites that are most visited by Australians.

There is an estimated 14.6 million regular Internet users in Australia with 17.8 million having some kind of access to the Internet.

Chances are that you visit many of the websites owned by the list of companies below. I’ve been to all of them over the past month myself.

According to Nielsen, the organisations with the biggest reach are:

  1. Google 12.7m
  2. Microsoft 11.412m
  3. Facebook 9.063m
  4. Telstra 7.274m
  5. Yahoo! 6.909m
  6. News Corp 6.904m
  7. eBay 6.829m
  8. Australian Federal Government 6.479m
  9. Wikimedia Foundation 5.902m
  10. Fairfax Digital 5.769m
  • Domains Visited per Person 86
  • Web Page Views per Person 2312
  • Active Digital Media Universe 14,576,475
  • Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 17,750,750

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