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Internet Advertising Exceeds $466 Million Dollars in the Last Quarter

Business GraphAustralian businesses have spent over $466 millions dollars (AUD) in the past quarter for online advertising.

The total advertising industry in Australia is currently worth $13 billion dollars a year. Traditional advertising has been declining over the past year especially with the global financial crisis hitting many businesses but online advertising is still increasing.

Online Advertising Vs Traditional Advertising
Traditional advertising is so expensive compared to what you can do with online advertising. You cannot measure the reach very easily, it’s often very untargeted and so much of the budget is wasted. You are trying to grab the attention of as many people as possible. Other advertisers are trying to gain peoples attention and pull them away from your ad.

Online advertising allows you to collect data about every visitor that comes to your website. You can see what traffic sources are producing the best results. You can run pilot campaigns before taking the campaign to full scale. You can jump in front of your potential customers right when they are looking for a service that you can provide.

The future of Internet advertising
Internet advertising is feasible for any business to setup. TV advertising and even newspapers and magazines are not feasible for many businesses that are running today. Unless you are a medium to large business, would you like at using traditional media only for building a brand.

A mix of online and offline advertising, worf of mouth (plus social media marketing) can be an effective way to generate more business.

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