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Google: Introducing Chrome Operating System

Google showed of it’s new operating system (OS) yesterday. You may have heard about this on the news but you may be wondering what the big fuss is all about. It’s just another software launch right?

About Google
Google started out as a search engine company. They provided great search engine results to everyone. A high ranking in Google is great for business because it generates so much traffic.

Then Google started introducing other applications such as AdWords, AdSense, Google Apps, Maps, and a whole heap of other services. Essentially moving away from it’s core focus of search results.

Google Chrome Browser
The Chrome browser has re-ignited the browser wars yet again. Before Chrome, MS Internet Explorer had 69% of the market share and FireFox had 16%. Things have changed here. MS Internet Explorer now has 49%. FireFox has 29% and Chrome has grown to 12%.

Chrome is a new type of browser because it’s lightweight compared to Internet Explorer but has some powerful features. From my experience, Internet Explorer is large, clunky and crashed a lot on me.

Introducing Chrome OS
Many Internet users spend majority of their time using their browser. More tools that you previously used are now based on the web. This is commonly referred to as cloud computing.

Cloud computing is where you store you data including documents, spreadsheets and emails. When you want a document, it is fetched from the ‘cloud’. The cloud being your online hard drive that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You can imagine the thought of security problems but security issues have been ironed out as new services have been introduced.

Microsoft is introducing an online version of their office suite. Google has their apps including mail, documents and spreadsheets. This means that you can easily share information with other people. Those people do not have to be in the same office or in the same country. Just a simple login will allow them to access the content.

Google is introducing their operating system based on the fact that future computers will be known as smart terminals. A smart terminal is similar to a browser. It is like a window to the online world. It has some computing power to it but not much because it’s just not needed.

The Netbook
Google has launched it’s pilot program for a select few to try the Google OS and give feedback. The netbook is a computer built just for browsing the web and using applications online.

Here are some of the specifications for the new netbook from Google  called CR-48 –

  • Vibrant 12.1-inch screen
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Oversized clickpad
  • Qualcomm Gobi 3G chip for Verizon data in the US, unlocked internationally
  • 802.11n dual-band WiFi
  • 8+ hours of active use
  • 8+ days of standby
  • Webcam
  • Flash storage
  • 3.8lbs
  • MSRP: Not released

Wrap Up
The official launch of the Chrome OS is not due until mid 2011 so for now, we are left to wait and watch how this one pans out.

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