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Affiliate Marketing – Even My Mum Gets It – Do You?

Affiliate marketing is a term usually used within the Internet marketing community. Ask the average person what an affiliate marketing program is and they’ll give you a vague description of something. It might not even be an Internet related description!

Affiliate marketing usually means that you lead people to a particular website that is tracked with the use of the URL and cookies. For everyone that buys a product or service that you led to the website, you get a commission.

This can really help a business grow and they are only paying based on performance. The company only pays when a sale is made. It is a set percentage and if all the calculations are done right, everyone is a winner!

Trying to explain this to business owners can be frustrating at times. They have often never heard of this marketing technique and are very weary of the program.

That’s why I was surprised when my Mum – yes my Mum! gave me an ear full when I didn’t use her affiliate id when I signed up with the different group buying websites that are in Sydney. She was very upset about missing her $10 in credit for each site that I had signed up to.

Does this mean that the general online population are understanding the value of affiliate marketing and commissions?

Have you got an affiliate marketing program in place? Maybe it’s time to talk to someone who can help you with your online business marketing initiatives.

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