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Who Owns Your Domain Name?

wwwHave you ever checked who owns your domain name? Do you own it? Does your webmaster own it? Maybe even your hosting company owns it!

I am writing this post today because we had a victory today. A customer has regained control of her domain name. She was in a very bad position and nearly lost it. She did not own the domain name, it was registered through her original web designer who was now uncontactable. After a number of threats and no replies from the web designer, he finally replied and released the domain name to the proper own. She has now regained control of her domain name. That’s a happy ending.

How can you check who owns your domain name?
You can check by doing a whois search on your domain name and check the contact details. This is something that many businesses know that they can check and hence why many businesses don’t know who owns their domain name.

In Australia, it is better management because domains need to have the customer’s Australian Business Number (ABN) on the registration form. If this is wrong or needs to be changed, the domain needs to be deleted and then re-registered. This costs the customer time and money.

You can check your domain name using one of the two links –

Why should you care who owns the domain name?
You will not be notified if the domain name is up for renewal or if it is transferred. If your domain name expires, your website and emails will go down. This problem is often overlooked and the hosting company normally gets the blame because the customer thinks their servers are down. This is not the case. A simple WHOIS search would indicate problem.

Your website could be transferred to a third party without your acknowledge. If this happens, you’ve may have lost your domain name and you need to contact the domain registry (AuDA or ICANN) to investigate.

How can I update my domain name contact details?
You can log in to the domain management interface and update the contacts details. These details should be provided to you from when you registered your domain name.

I hope this will help people understand the importance of owning their domain name.

Please share any stories you may have about your domain names that you did not own or any other horror stories that you have heard about this.

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