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Funny Domain Name Registrations – What The?

Businesses advertise their domain name to promote their website. Without a domain name, people cannot get to your website or send you emails. It’s a requirement for any business on the Internet.

Emails and text messages are often misunderstood and a break down in communication can happen very easily. But what would happen if your domain name could be easily misunderstood?

What if your domain name would be translated to something funny or something rude and offensive?

You would think that such a thing would never happen because everything is screened before it goes out the door. A typo on a brochure might sneak through but definitely not something as important as a domain name.

You’re wrong!
Hundreds of businesses have registered domain names that are down right funny or inappropriate.

Who Represents –
I’m not sure how a company could advertise such a domain name.

Big Al’s Bowling Alley –
An innocent bowling alley has a domain name that looks like – I love bi gals.

Mole Station Nursery –
This is a really bad play on words and the company has since changed it’s name to – Mole River Nursery –

Pen Island –
This one just wants attention.

Powergen Italia –
Do these guys stand behind their name?

Experts Exchange –
A technical support site where people help resolve problems.

La Drape –
A British company that sells expensive quilted bedspreads.

Speed of Art –
Art designer website.

Therapist Finder –
Need to find a therapist? Here is the therapist directory

Choose Spain –
What would you like? Pain or Spain?

Wrap Up
Can you domain name be misinterpreted? It might be too late to change but at least you are aware of the issue and might be able to do something to fix the problem.

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