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Domain Owners Be Aware Of Domain Renewal Scammers

connectingA number of our customers have received letters about renewing their domain. The problem is that the customers have never dealth with this company previously.

The domain renewal scammers send out thousands of letters everyday to domain owners and they still get many people’s money. Often the domain name is not renewed after it’s being paid for.

If you receive a letter from a company that you are unsure about that is Internet related or you have received an invoice that you are just not sure about, contact your web developer, hosting company or even email me direct. They should be happy to answer any questions regarding any invoices or letters that could be a scam.

Companies that you need to be cautious of include –

  • Domain Registry of America
  • Domain Registry of Australia
  • Internet Names Group

We recommend throwing all their letters into the bin because they are ‘domain slammers’ (scammers).

Don’t get caught in this scam – use your common sense.

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