About You

  • You run an eCommerce site or are thinking about setting one up and need a tech expert on your side
  • You are a digital marketing manager in need of some unbiased advice, or your company doesn’t have an in-house digital expert and you need someone for a specific project
  • You are in the process of building a new site and need help to document the specs for your new site for commissioning
  • Maybe you need help architecting and commissioning an new hosting infrastructure

About Me

  • Over 15 year’s experience in the eCommerce arena
  • Deep knowledge in all things eCommerce, including hosting infrastructure
  • Experience in working with most eCommerce platforms and supporting software
  • Strong interest in systems integrations and business flow
  • Genuine interest in your business – I want to see you succeed!

I can help make your site become more profitable by working on the following:

  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Regardless of if you are just in the initial planning stages of your new eCommerce venture, or have been running it for years, having a plan of attack is crucial.

    I can help you develop your own digital strategy document. This will allow us to place your end goal in focus, and then work backwards to create objectives that will lead to the fulfilment of your goals. Having all this mapped out will ensure effective communication throughout your site, as you will be able to craft the content, navigation and calls to action to support your objectives.
    Your eCommerce strategy should also be reviewed regularly.

    Sometimes all it takes is someone to be accountable to. I can be that person, by meeting up with you regularly to track how we are going.

  • eCommerce Platform Evaluation & Selection
  • Selecting a suitable platform for your new eCommerce venture could very well be the most important decision you make. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. I have experience using most eCommerce platforms, and I will be able to help you evaluate your options to select a platform that suits both your budget and functionality requirements.

  • eCommerce Hosting Solutions
  • A crucial part of your eCommerce business is your hosting. Without a solid hosting infrastructure behind your website, your site will be slow or unavailable and you will miss out on traffic and sales. I have deep knowledge in hosting infrastructure, and can work with you to architect an infrastructure that suits your business, wether that be a dedicated server, a cloud set up, or a completely customised network. I can summarise my recommended architecture in a document that you can use to get quotes from hosting suppliers, or I can take care of the whole commissioning and build of the network for you.

  • Shipping Methods and Payment Gateways
  • I have worked with businesses of all sizes to plan and configure their logistics. If this crucial part of your eCommerce business is set up right, it will save you lots of admin time and will help you get your products out in a timely manner.

  • System Integrations - Accounting, Inventory...
  • I’m a sucker for system integrations. The more we can integrate your systems and automate manual processes, the better. There is a myriad of options for both payments and shipping options, and together we can plan your setup. I have worked with most eCommerce software add-ons such as Xero (my agency is a certified Xero partner), Termando and all the major payment gateways.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation & Multi Channel
  • I can work with you to plan your website architecture and flow for maximum conversion rates. We can also work together to determine the best channel mix for you to sell your products. This could be through various product feeds, Google shopping, or maybe even eBay integration.

  • Traffic Generating Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is almost mandatory for eCommerce businesses today. Coming up high in Google searches will get you a lot of traffic. But, there are lots of other things we can do to drive traffic to your site. For some businesses Google Adwords might be a good idea. Email marketing campaigns work for others, even integrating offline marketing with your online business works. Together we can work out the right marketing mix for you.

  • User Experience & Testing
  • Starting with analysing your site goals and objectives, we can work together to map out the required user experience for your new site. We can then take this and create a draft for your interface, site flow and processes. You can use this document to commission design agencies to build your site, and I will also be able to give you a ballpark figure on what I think is a reasonable investment for your set-up.

    If you need help with testing of an existing site, I can review the whole site for you and give my recommendations on points of improvements, and how much I think is reasonable to invest.

    Let’s work together!           GET IN TOUCH

    *I offer a 30 minutes initial consult free of charge.

    Project Basis

    If you need expert consulting on a specific project, such as planning a suitable hosting infrastructure or planning a new system integration, I can work with you for the duration of the project at an agreed fee.

    Ad-hoc Consulting

    If you need someone to call on for ad-hoc eCommerce advice, I can be that guy! I work with many eCommerce managers who just need someone to bounce ideas with. I charge for these services on an hourly fee basis or a set retainer fee.

    Scheduled Time

    If you need regular consulting we can meet up on a regular basis, every week, every month or quarterly. I can be part of your advisory board and give input from a tech/eCommerce perspective.

    Technologies I Work With