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Google: Introducing Chrome Operating System

Google showed of it’s new operating system (OS) yesterday. You may have heard about this on the news but you may be wondering what the big fuss is all about. It’s just another software launch right?

About Google
Google started out as a search engine company. They provided great search engine results to everyone. A high ranking in Google is great for business because it generates so much traffic.

Then Google started introducing other applications such as AdWords, AdSense, Google Apps, Maps, and a whole heap of other services. Essentially moving away from it’s core focus of search results.

Google Chrome Browser
The Chrome browser has re-ignited the browser wars yet again. Before Chrome, MS Internet Explorer had 69% of the market share and FireFox had 16%. Things have changed here. MS Internet Explorer now has 49%. FireFox has 29% and Chrome has grown to 12%.

Google TV – Is Your Website Optimised To Be Viewed On A TV

Users browsing the Internet with their TV seems like it might be the next big other other than mobile Internet. Google TV is now here and Microsoft will be coming out with their version soon. Apple is re-launching their AppleTV product.

TV Optimisation
But is your website optimised to be viewed on the TV? There are many sizes of TVs from large 10 foot screens to 32 inch screens. Users are not sitting half a metre from their TV. They are often sitting 3 or 4 metres away from the TV.

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Google Instant Results And How It Will Impact Your Search Engine Rankings – Your Questions Answered

Google Instant has now been rolled out in Australia. You may have noticed that search results start appearing as soon as you start typing. Each time you type another letter, the results are refreshed.

The biggest question in the world of search engine optimisation and website rankings is – How will this affect my search engine rankings and amount of traffic you receive?

Local Search Results Just Got Easier

Marissa Mayer, one of Google’s top executives was moved from Head of Products to Head of Location and Local Search. She has already started making changes with a great new improvement for local search results.

Previously, if you did a search for Pizza, you were assigned your location based on the information your ISP gave to Google. It was often inaccurate and it didn’t help the search results. I was located in Wollongong and a local Google search would often generate results for Sydney. Now that I am in Sydney, it would be a different part in Sydney.

Google New: Read About Anything New at Google at One Place

Google has many products, not just search. This includes News, YouTube, Maps, Checkout, Chrome, Earth, Gmail, Picasa, Talk, Blogger, Gears, Buzz, Docs, iGoogle, Orkut, Wave, Latitude, Goggles, AdWords, AdSense  and the list goes on. Check out the full list here –

There are about 100 blogs that Google uses to keep everyone up-to-date with all the different products. I subscribe to about 20 of them! But no one place to go to get everything new so Google created Google New.

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Search Engine Comedy

There really isn’t much funny stuff that goes on in search engines. It’s all about the numbers, ranking, results, money, return on investment etc.

It does get repetitive – believe me I should know!

That’s why I would like to share with you this video from the Comedy Channels’ The Colbert Report. It features a funny interview with Google’s CEO – Eric Schmidt.

Introducing Google Instant Search

Google has done it again! Caffeine made the indexing of web pages a much quicker affair. New results are entered in the grand database very quickly how, often within hours instead of days and weeks.

Google’s new innovation is Instant Results. As you type your search query, the results are display. This means faster, quicker searching for everyone.

Here is a video from Google explaining it in a very easy to understand way –

Top 10 Ranking Factors for Local Business Listings in Google Places

What is Google Places?
Local business listings is very important in Google. If you do a local search which includes a place, town, city or local service, Google will display the local business box. That’s how important Google thinks local search results are.

What determines your Google Places Rank?
Everyone is wondering what the ranking factors for local search engine optimisation. Do you stuff your Google Places page with as many keywords as possible or what?

Here are the top 10 factors that determine your Google Places ranking – From Least important to most important –

10 Most Common Mistakes Advertisers Make With Google AdWords

Google Adwords is the sponsorship links that you see on any Google search. They appear above the organic search results and in the right column. They can also appear in the Google  content nextwork.

I have created hundreds of campaigns using Adwords and optimised campaigns for a lot of customers.

Many of the campaigns created by small business owners often have the same mistakes appearing time and time again.

I have complied this list of the 10 most common mistakes that advertisers make when creating and running their Google Adwords campaigns.

Internet Marketing Rumour: Google to Introduce Newspass

Internet MarketingThere are currently rumours floating around the Internet that Google may introduce a payment system for paid content.

What is Newspass
Newspass will be a micropayments system for viewing premium content. This premium content listing in the search engine result pages will be indicated with a Newspass icon. When you click on the link, your Newspass account will have the cost deducted from it.

Internet Marketing: Google Introduces ACE – AdWords Campaign Experiments

adwords campaign experimentsSplit testing is a method used by search engine marketers to measure the effectiveness of changes to their campaigns.

A simple example would be running two ads with a different titles. The campaign may run for a week and the campaign manager will look at the results of the two ads including impressions, click through rate, conversions and cost per acquisition.

Search Engine Optimisation: Google Supporting Real-Time Search Results – Project Caffeine

search engine optimizationGoogle announced today this it has rolled out the biggest change in it’s search engine history. Fresh content will now be displayed much faster than ever before.

The project named Google Caffeine which was mentioned in August ’09 is now powering the world’s largest search engine – Google.

Internet Advertising: Google Takes The Biggest Chunk in Australia

Internet advertising is proving to be one of the most effective and best returns on investment for advertisers – if you know what you are doing!

Internet advertising is easy to setup, maintain and measure it’s effectiveness. Every dollar is accounted for and every lead is followed.

You are able to setup test campaigns and measure every interaction very closely. You can setup micro campaigns that target very specific areas.

The advertising inventory is huge as well. If you have a large budget, you can easily spend that budget and reach everyone.

Internet Marketing: Google Alerts – Monitor Your Name Online

Imagine if there was a way where you could find out if someone mentioned your name, business name, product or service on the Internet.

Now you can with Google Alerts!

Why do you need to know?
Before I tell you how to setup a Google Alert, I need to let you know why it is so important to monitor this kind of activity.

The 8 Mistakes of Google Place Listings

Google Place Listings is the results box when you even a search query that may be location specific.

There is no hard rule for when the business listings will be displayed but it usually appears when a keyword is about a location or the type of keyword would be loacation specific.

If you entered pizza into Google, it would then show the business listings. The same would happen for accomomdation, hotel or motel.

These listings can be a very powerful tool that you can use to list your business above everyone else. Managed right and you will be up the top. Do the wrong thing, and you will be removed very quickly – within hours!

Google: New design and changes to SERPs

Google has been very busy this month with the release of their new design.

The left column on the search results page is more pre-dominate now with more options. A lot of people do not take advantage of the additional search options on Google. Did you know you can search through news articles, images, videos, blogs and much more?

You can also specify the time and date of your results. This means that you can do a web search with pages from this year only. This is great for researching current statistics for example.

Google has also implemented a brand result area in the search results. If you search for footballs, you now get many different areas as part of the universal search results –

  • News clips
  • football images
  • football brands
  • videos of football
  • football products

All these changes are taking place to provide the user with a more user friendly appearance and better search results. Google says that by providing all these results, it adds to the users’ overall experience with the search engine.

Many people ask me why they aren’t ranked number one for their targetted keyword. I explain to them that their page needs great content and good backlinks to their site. If the content is great, people will link to it. Google will rank it higher because it is what people are looking for.

SEO: Page Speed Now A Factor For Google Ranking

Google leads when it comes to quality of search engine results for end-users. If you are looking for something, usually Google will find it. That’s why Google wants to continue to satisfy it’s customers.

Google has now added a new factor to the rankings of their search engine results. Research has shown that faster loading web sites adds to a user experience. They stay on fast longer web sites for a longer period of time.

Web sites that are slow to load are often aborted because they take too long to load.

What about your web site?
How long does your web site take to load? If your web site is slow to load, are you losing visitors? Now, you will not only lose visitors but your search engine rankings will drop.

Slow loading web site factors
The factors are all measured from the users’ point of view. How long it takes for a web site to be downloaded and rendered on a users computer screen is the measurement used.

There are two great books based on this topic by Steve Souders – High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites.

Here are his rules for producing fast web sites –

Wrap Up
If you optimise your website, your users will have a better experience and you will get higher rankings in Google search results.

Google: What is Remarketing?

There’s an interesting statistic e-commerce statistic that I have written about earlier. The average time for a customer to make a purchase is 30 hours. This means that most people do not buy a product or service on their first visit. It is usually after they have thought about it and they come back the next day to make their purchase.

What is Remarketing?
The remarketing tool allows advertisers to hit the user days later to try and get their booking or purchase.

Example of Remarketing in action
Imagine someone wants to go to a concert in Sydney. The user visits a particular hotel’s website in Sydney but does not make a booking. The next day, they go to the booking website for the concert which is part of the Google Content Network – they have Google display ads running. The ads that they see are for the hotel they visited the day before. This is remarketing through Google Adwords.

Using this new tool
This new tool is available in your Adwords account if you advertise with Google. More information about this tool can be found here – Now Available: Reach the right audience through remarketing.

GoogleBot Questions: From Eric Enge’s interview with Matt Cutts from Google

What is the GoogleBot?
The googlebot is the automatic spider program that Google uses to visit websites and report back with results to put into it’s search engine results. By understanding how the GoogleBot works and how it interprets your web pages, can increase your search engine rankings.

There are many factors that Google considers when indexing web pages. Here are a couple of questions and answers about how the GoogleBot works and how to get better search engine rankings.

What is host load limit?
Host load limit is the number of connections that your webserver allows at any given time.

A webserver with a lot of busy websites, would be limited to the number of connections each website can have.

That is why it’s important to have a reliable host that does not have overloaded servers. This means that the GoogleBot can index your website quickly and entirely without being restricted.

What is crawl budget?
Google will index a number of web pages on your website which is directly proportional to your PageRank. The lower the PageRank, the less pages of your website will be crawled. If you have a higher PageRank, most, if not all of your pages will be crawled.

The better your PageRank, the deeper the GoogleBot will go with indexing your website.

How does duplicate content affect crawl budget?
If the GoogleBot crawls three of your web pages and they all have the same content, Google will only index one of those pages and scrap the other two pages. It will then assign a lower PageRank value because of the duplicate content resulting in less pages being indexed by Google.

Are Session IDs bad for my website?
Google does not recommend the use of session ids for a number of reasons. They look ugly which is hard for the user to remember the address and less users are likely to click on a complicated link.

Google and Yahoo both have tools to remove unwanted variables in the address bar. Any variables that do not add value to the user’s experience can be removed for indexing.

Does 301 redirects take the link juice?
If you move a page or even change domain names, it is highly recommended to use 301 redirects. The link juice is carried to the new page. If the original page has a PageRank of 3, the new redirected page would take it.

There is some decay in the PageRank value but much of it is carried on.

What is a canonical tag?
Google has a fantastic post that describes everything about canonical tags including the new cross referencing of domain names. Specify your canonical.

What is Google Buzz?

Google has had a number of attempts at entering into the social media landscape but have not had much success.

Google has just introduced a new social media platform called “Buzz”. The difference this is that it’s tied into the Gmail service. There are 150 million users of Gmail every month.

This means that their new social platform has 150 million + users from day one. Now there’s not many companies that can enjoy that kind of power when launching a new service.

Is the Internet ready for another social tool? Time will tell.

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Google: Introduces New Homepage And Why Internet Marketing Consultant Needs To Know Why

googleMany people may not have noticed this but Google has changed their homepage.

It’s not until you are told of the change that you would realize it.

Go to but do not move your mouse. Only the search box and logo are visible. Once you move your mouse, the rest of the details appear.

This is just one of many changes Google has made that is not visible to the general Internet population. By writing and researching for this blog, I read about nearly every change.

Many of these changes are advanced and meaningless to users but as an Internet marketing expert like myself, they are important.

Your Internet marketing consultant should be aware of all the changes Google, Yahoo and Bing do so your website ranks at the top for your targetted keywords and stays at the top!

Google: Let’s Make The Web Faster + New Tool

google-betaGoogle has introduced a new tool that allows you to check the speed of your website and improve the speed.

This is one of Google’s ways to give back to the Internet community by educating developers and designers to make better websites. This in turn is supposed to make the web a better place.

The site has some great tutorials and you can visit them here – Tutorials. Some example tutorials are –

You can participate in discussions about making the web faster here – Share and discuss

Useful Tools
There are some fantastic tools the Google lists here. You can access the tools page here – Try useful tools. Some examples are –

I highly recommend you check out the educational tutorials and test some of the tools they have made available and listing on the site.

Google Real Estate: and Are Angry

preview_imageGoogle has introduced a new feature to their online map service: Real estate listings. That’s right! You can now have your property listed on Google Maps for free. This service is shaking the online real estate portals.

You can use this feature here – Google Maps and click on Real Estate. and are angry
News Corp who owns 60% of and Fairfax Media owns are very upset. They are big spenders of advertising on Google and have now been shot down by Google by providing free real estate listings.

They are now re-evaluating the millions of dollars they spend with Google.

Simon Baker, the former boss at said “Google was moving from a search engine to a portal what is now serving up the end data itself.

What’s Next?
It seems that Google is putting it’s finger into everything these days. Will these moves help Google become more popular or is it going to hurt Google in the longterm?

Have your say below ..

Google Wave: What is Google Wave?

Google WaveGoogle Wave is a highly anticipated tool by many people. It’s an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave is similar to an email which people can discuss and work together on multiple document types.

The file types include normal documents, videos, photos, maps and more.

How is it different to an email?
Imagine an email where it could be edited like a conversation by a number of invited people. Unlike emails that are bounced around to a number of people with different sets of replies, a Google Wave would allow one page that has everyone’s contributions and accessible by any computer.

It’s a live document where all participants can watch and interact together. We can all relate to miscommunication with emails with information all over the place.

But will a Google Wave resolve this problem?
I think having all the information at a central point where everyone can see the same information is definitely on the right track. Collaboration is a very important function because many of us are working with people that are in multiple locations across the world.

Group Projects
We all remember what it was like doing group assignments at school or university. The students do their part of a group assignment and submit it to the organizer of the group. People end up writing the wrong content, there is duplicate content, people write conflicting points, the list goes on.

I believe that if Google Wave works for students, it would work well for businesses.

I can see many uses for the new Google Wave application but only see the live document being useful. It does not sound revolutionary to me. Google is hyping this up a lot and there is a lot of talk about it on the Internet.

They are encouraging developers to build applications that use the Wave framework. Maybe some developers will be able to provide more applications that will help us work in an online world.

Click here to find out more about Google Wave.

Google: adds Social Search

google-betaToday, Google has released another search facility. This search is called Social Search because it searches people that make up your social search. It uses data from Google profile, Twitter, FriendFeed and other contacts in Google. It may even include Facebook and other social data in the future.

Here is Google’s definition of it

Google Social Search is an experimental feature that helps you find relevant public web content from people in your social circle, when you’re signed in to your Google Account. For example, search for [ restaurants ], and restaurant reviews by your friends and other contacts may appear more prominently in your results. Join the Social Search experiment at

Here’s a demostration of the Social Search

How Google Social Search Works

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