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Affiliate Marketing – Even My Mum Gets It – Do You?

Affiliate marketing is a term usually used within the Internet marketing community. Ask the average person what an affiliate marketing program is and they’ll give you a vague description of something. It might not even be an Internet related description!

Affiliate marketing usually means that you lead people to a particular website that is tracked with the use of the URL and cookies. For everyone that buys a product or service that you led to the website, you get a commission.

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Google TV – Is Your Website Optimised To Be Viewed On A TV

Users browsing the Internet with their TV seems like it might be the next big other other than mobile Internet. Google TV is now here and Microsoft will be coming out with their version soon. Apple is re-launching their AppleTV product.

TV Optimisation
But is your website optimised to be viewed on the TV? There are many sizes of TVs from large 10 foot screens to 32 inch screens. Users are not sitting half a metre from their TV. They are often sitting 3 or 4 metres away from the TV.

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Google Instant Results And How It Will Impact Your Search Engine Rankings – Your Questions Answered

Google Instant has now been rolled out in Australia. You may have noticed that search results start appearing as soon as you start typing. Each time you type another letter, the results are refreshed.

The biggest question in the world of search engine optimisation and website rankings is – How will this affect my search engine rankings and amount of traffic you receive?

Local Search Results Just Got Easier

Marissa Mayer, one of Google’s top executives was moved from Head of Products to Head of Location and Local Search. She has already started making changes with a great new improvement for local search results.

Previously, if you did a search for Pizza, you were assigned your location based on the information your ISP gave to Google. It was often inaccurate and it didn’t help the search results. I was located in Wollongong and a local Google search would often generate results for Sydney. Now that I am in Sydney, it would be a different part in Sydney.

The Social Network – The Movie

The Social Network is a movie about the creator of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg.

The movie has received mixed reviews in the US because the movie portrays Zuckerberg as someone who copied the idea. We all get ideas from somewhere but Zuckerberg created Facebook nad is now a multi-billionaire because of it.

“You don’t get 500 million friends without making some enemies”

Here’s the preview –

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Google Places: Mt Everest Gets Bad Reviews

Mt Everest is getting mixed reviews on Google Places at the moment. People are complaining about the lack of service, facilities and staff. Others enjoyed the views and will be back again next year with the family.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0Great day out if you are properly prepared.‎‎ I’ve read many poor reviews of this venue from people who seem to be surprised at the lack of facilities. All I can say is that if you are unprepared then you can expect to be disappointed. There are no food outlets at the summit and those along the route take advantage of their near monopoly by charging tourists exorbitant prices, so it’s worth remembering to pack a few sandwiches and a flask of coffee before setting out. It can get quite chilly in winter which makes warm drinks preferable to cold ones. Remember also to bring a sweater in case the weather worsens and maybe a waterproof jacket in the event that it rains. The weather can change quickly, so it’s worth packing an umbrella even if the morning is bright and sunny. This is not a beach and some walking can be expected, making the correct choice of footwear essential. A good pair of walking sandals will be adequate under most circumstances although to be on the safer side boat shoes or similar might be wiser. One ‎

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Most Visited Sites in Australia

Nielsen has just released their third quarter report for 2010 showing the list of websites that are most visited by Australians.

There is an estimated 14.6 million regular Internet users in Australia with 17.8 million having some kind of access to the Internet.

Chances are that you visit many of the websites

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