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Social Media Marketing News: Facebook Adds Conversion Tracker

facebook advertisingWhat is a conversion tracker?
A conversion tracker is a piece of code that enables advertisers track the number of people who take a specific action.

How is this related to Facebook advertising?
When someone clicks on your ad on Facebook and you have installed the new tracking code on your website, you will now get the results of how many people took a particular action.

Internet Marketing: Google Introduces ACE – AdWords Campaign Experiments

adwords campaign experimentsSplit testing is a method used by search engine marketers to measure the effectiveness of changes to their campaigns.

A simple example would be running two ads with a different titles. The campaign may run for a week and the campaign manager will look at the results of the two ads including impressions, click through rate, conversions and cost per acquisition.

Search Engine Optimisation: Google Supporting Real-Time Search Results – Project Caffeine

search engine optimizationGoogle announced today this it has rolled out the biggest change in it’s search engine history. Fresh content will now be displayed much faster than ever before.

The project named Google Caffeine which was mentioned in August ’09 is now powering the world’s largest search engine – Google.

Social Media News: StumbleUpon Reaches 10 Million Users. What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon brings channel surfing to the Internet! StumbleUpon can be a fantastic website but it can also be one of the big time wasters.

This month, StumbleUpon reached 10,000,000 users. This is a huge milestone for these guys and they are celebrating with a party in San Francisco later this month. Unfortunately for people in Australia, we won’t be able to attend unless you’re in USA on the west coast.

Internet Advertising: Google Takes The Biggest Chunk in Australia

Internet advertising is proving to be one of the most effective and best returns on investment for advertisers – if you know what you are doing!

Internet advertising is easy to setup, maintain and measure it’s effectiveness. Every dollar is accounted for and every lead is followed.

You are able to setup test campaigns and measure every interaction very closely. You can setup micro campaigns that target very specific areas.

The advertising inventory is huge as well. If you have a large budget, you can easily spend that budget and reach everyone.

Online Retail Industry Awards – Shopping Cart Websites

The Online Retail Expo is fast approaching. The expo and conference is on 6 to 9 July, 2010 at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.


1. Best Pure-Play Online Retailer
Deals Direct |
Appliances Online |
Little Dance Invitations |
Trixan Body |

Funny Domain Name Registrations – What The?

Businesses advertise their domain name to promote their website. Without a domain name, people cannot get to your website or send you emails. It’s a requirement for any business on the Internet.

Emails and text messages are often misunderstood and a break down in communication can happen very easily. But what would happen if your domain name could be easily misunderstood?

iPhone Applications: Skype 3G iPhone App

What is Skype?
Skype has been used for cheap or free phone calls between friends for a number of years now.

How do I use Skype?
You need to download the Skype software which is free. You can download it here –

If you add your friends to your Skype account, you can call them from your Skype account to their Skype account for free. They can be located anywhere in the world.

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Internet Marketing: Google Alerts – Monitor Your Name Online

Imagine if there was a way where you could find out if someone mentioned your name, business name, product or service on the Internet.

Now you can with Google Alerts!

Why do you need to know?
Before I tell you how to setup a Google Alert, I need to let you know why it is so important to monitor this kind of activity.

Website Design Wollongong News: Adobe Create Suite 5 – CS5 Released

It’s an exciting time because Adobe have just released the latest website authoring tools that most website designers and developers use everyday.

I cannot think of day when I do not use Photoshop or Dreamweaver. As I write this post, they are both open.

The industry standard for web design is Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. For over 10 years, web developers have used Dreamweaver to build all sorts of web pages.

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The 8 Mistakes of Google Place Listings

Google Place Listings is the results box when you even a search query that may be location specific.

There is no hard rule for when the business listings will be displayed but it usually appears when a keyword is about a location or the type of keyword would be loacation specific.

If you entered pizza into Google, it would then show the business listings. The same would happen for accomomdation, hotel or motel.

These listings can be a very powerful tool that you can use to list your business above everyone else. Managed right and you will be up the top. Do the wrong thing, and you will be removed very quickly – within hours!

Australian Launch of the iPad And Over Two Million iPads Have Been Sold

The iPad has now been released in Australia. Some iPads have been circulating around in Australia which were imported from the US. It has now been launched in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

In Sydney, eager customers waited overnight to be one of the first people to purchase an iPad in Australia. Most Apple stores sold out of the iPad within the first day of release.

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Magento Professional Released

Magento have released a new version of their shopping cart system. It is called Magento Professional aimed at small businesses.

What is Magento?
Magento is an open source shopping cart system. It is a very complex shopping cart for advanced shopping carts. I have only setup a couple Magento shopping carts where are I have setup dozens of osCommerce, CRE Loaded and Zen Cart shopping carts.

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YouTube Turns 5 Years Old With Two Billion Views A Day

YouTube has just turned 5 years old. This is a website that changed the Internet. If you imagined 10 years ago that you could upload a video and share it with millions of people around the world, you would have been told that you were mad!

Today – YouTube has 24 hours of video being uploaded – every minute!

Today – YouTube has over 2 billion views – everyday!

Big W Opens Up Online Retail Store

Big W has taken the plunge and entered into the online retail market. They have launched their online store available here –

Compared to the North America and Europe, Australia is lagging behind in the world of ecommerce. Large department stores such as Myers, David Jones and Target do no have an online store.

The launch of the Big W store is great news for ecommerce in Australia. It means that the large chains may start investing some real money into selling online.

Online stores such as OverStocked, DStore, and Big Brown Box have been open for a number of years now. Australian consumers are getting used to buying products and services over the Internet.

About Big W Online
The Big W store has over 4,000 products in a variety of categories –

  • Electronics
  • Baby
  • Photo
  • Home & Garden
  • Fashin
  • Entertainment
  • Toys
  • Sports & Leisure

Delivery Options
Australia post is being used for delivery of products. It seems like a fairly simple pricing structure is being used. Pricing for packages are as below –

  • Packages less than 500 grams will cost $4.98
  • Packages less than 10 KG will cost $9.98
  • Packages over 10 KG cost around $20
  • Express Post is also an option but costs extra

Payment Options
PayPal is being offered as a method of payment. PayPal is not offered on other Woolworths websites such as Wooolworths and HomeShop.

Prices Online
Big W have stated that there is no price difference between it’s online store and it’s normal stores.

Front page
The website appears to be nice and simple to navigate. The frontpage does have a lot of pictures and banners trying to get your attention. I think this could have been cleaner in design.

There is a reviews and ratings for products. Customers like to read reviews and ratings from other customers. Just like testimonials can make customers feel satisfied that they are ordering a quality product.

Product images
The product images have a nice popup display. Other images of the product are displayed as thumbnails. This makes it really clear that other pictures of the product exist. I think this is very nice.

Estimate delivery
The estimated delivery charge is a great tool. By entering your postcode on the product page, you can see exactly how much you are going to be charged for delivery. There is nothing more annoying to a customer when they need to go through the checkout procedure to see the cost of delivery.

Tell a friend
The tell a friend tool has made an appearance as well. A nice lightbox appears with the opportunity to email the details of the product to a friend. Many online stores benefit having this tool.

Stock levels
You can check the stock levels of particular products as well. By entering in your post code, you can see the stock levels at many of the Big W stores. It also displays the distance to each store. If the store is low in stock, it displays the phone number so you can call that particular store. You could call the store and check for stock and maybe they could reserve the product for you.

Overview of features
The features of the website have been nicely done. You would expect that from a large department store but even they can get it wrong sometimes.

The lightboxes (popup windows) load very quickly. There’s nothing more annoying then these being broken.

The website still has a couple of formatting issues to resolve. Some of the text goes over the background in some places. I am sure they will will these up as the site continues to be improved.

Wrap Up
It’s great to see a large department store go online. Overall, I think it will help push online sales in Australia and hopefully the other department stores will follow suit.

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Google: New design and changes to SERPs

Google has been very busy this month with the release of their new design.

The left column on the search results page is more pre-dominate now with more options. A lot of people do not take advantage of the additional search options on Google. Did you know you can search through news articles, images, videos, blogs and much more?

You can also specify the time and date of your results. This means that you can do a web search with pages from this year only. This is great for researching current statistics for example.

Google has also implemented a brand result area in the search results. If you search for footballs, you now get many different areas as part of the universal search results –

  • News clips
  • football images
  • football brands
  • videos of football
  • football products

All these changes are taking place to provide the user with a more user friendly appearance and better search results. Google says that by providing all these results, it adds to the users’ overall experience with the search engine.

Many people ask me why they aren’t ranked number one for their targetted keyword. I explain to them that their page needs great content and good backlinks to their site. If the content is great, people will link to it. Google will rank it higher because it is what people are looking for.

Digital Wollongong: Networking Event for Marketers in Wollongong

The profession of marketing is changing faster than ever before: from search engines to social networks, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. Target audiences are diversifying and marketers have to complete traditional marketing tasks, be up to date with the latest trends, implement campaigns using new technology, do it all with a smaller budget, and yet the only events you can attend to keep sharp are in Sydney!

Digital Wollongong helps you:

  • hear intelligent and interesting speakers who know marketing
  • meet a group a of like-minded marketers who face the same challenges as you
  • have a network of people you can turn to for advice and offer your own
  • stay up to date in a fun and relaxed environment
  • meet some good people

We’re running our first event on Wednesday the 5th of May at 5:30pm. Thanks to our sponsors, the event is free, and if you’re on of the first 20 people to arrive on the night, you’ll get a complimentary drink on arrival.

The event sponsors are AVS Networks and Internetrix.

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Book Review – SEO Made Simple By Michael H Fleischner

This is a book about Search Engine Optimisation without the fluff.

If you do not have much time and you want to know more about how to get your website to rank well on Google and other search engines, this is a great book to read.

Michael’s quick explanations about techniques and strategies for SEO are great. Many books on this subject are big, heavy and full of information that you do not need to know.

On-Page Optimisation
Michael discusses simple changes you can make to your website to improve your rankings. This is known as on-page optimisation.

Many websites are not search engine friendly making the task of getting the website indexed by a search engine to be a difficult one. By optimising your web pages, Google and other search engines will be able to work out what you website is about and index it accordingly.

If the search engine cannot read your website, don’t expect it to get listed properly. Some websites using a javascript navigation tool can hurt a website because search engines cannot go past the first page. An XML site map can help fix this.

Other elements that you can modify on your site include heading tags, alt tags, meta tags and internal linking methods.

Off-Page Optimisation
This is about search engine factors that are not directly related to your website. Examples include links to your website, social bookmarks, directories etc.

You may not have control of how people link to your website but managing it will definitely help. Identify the keywords that you want to rank well in and ask webmasters to use the keywords when linking to your website.

Creating links to your website can be very time consuming, Michael gives a few methods to increase links to your website from asking other webmasters for links to submitting articles to article submission sites.

Wrap Up
This is a great book, a quick read, for anyone that wants to get involved and understand SEO. Unfortunately there is plenty of aspects that are missing that should be included, such as identifying great keywords.

There are a few gold nuggets of information such as how to research your competition and how to beat them. I really did like this part and will read that section again.

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Buyer Beware: Cold Calling Search Engine Optimisation Scams

Have you ever had those phone calls from companies claiming to get your site to the first page of Google within 28 days?

Even as a search engine optimisation and marketing consultant, I still get them. I listen to their pitch and then ask a couple of questions. They usually have no clue how to answer them so what kind of service will they be providing?

I have done a search on their business name and they didn’t even come up first. That is a very easy task and a pathetic attempt on their behalf.

We advise all our customers to be aware of anyone calling up trying to sell them Internet services. There are a lot of people out there to take your money and there’s not much you can do about it if they do not deliver.

These telemarketers are driven by commission and can become aggressive pressuring you to sign up with them. I recommend avoiding any business that you have never with dealt with before or if they sound like they are over promising on what they can do.

They claim that having a good ranking will increase visitors and increase sales. This is true. It’s how they get you there – if they get your there at all. I don’t believe they will ever get you there. If you get banned from Google, that’s the end of it!

Wrap Up
Beware of any company that contacts you regarding search engine optimisation or marketing that you have not contacted first.

If you are ever unsure, contact your web developer or myself and I will tell you if it’s a good or bad.

Internet Marketing – Major Internet Retailers Behind With Search Engine Optimisation Efforts

The top 500 major Internet retailers spend approximately $1.2 million every day in search engine marketing. The problem is only 33% of their highest-priced keywords appear in the top 50 of natural search engine results.

Large corporations continue to fail with SEO efforts and keeping spending big to gain market share online.

This is where the smaller players have an equal playing field – natural search engine results.

It is estimated that 43% of people click on the number 1 natural search engine result for any query. This kind of traffic for popular keywords can really help a business grow.

Why aren’t large corporations getting in on this?
They often build their sites and think about optimising it afterwards – too late!

A solid SEO friendly web site starts withe foundations – when the web site is initially being built. Making major changes down the track can be time consuming, expensive and take up time.

What can you do about it?
You can learn how to optimise your own web site or pay an SEO expert to do it for you. Then plan a link building strategy to compliment your efforts.

When your web site is ranking well for you specific keyworkds, the amount of potential customers will increase and your online sales will increase. This means more profit for you.

Wrap Up
Optimise your web site if you haven’t already and start gaining that advantage over the big guys!!

SEO: Page Speed Now A Factor For Google Ranking

Google leads when it comes to quality of search engine results for end-users. If you are looking for something, usually Google will find it. That’s why Google wants to continue to satisfy it’s customers.

Google has now added a new factor to the rankings of their search engine results. Research has shown that faster loading web sites adds to a user experience. They stay on fast longer web sites for a longer period of time.

Web sites that are slow to load are often aborted because they take too long to load.

What about your web site?
How long does your web site take to load? If your web site is slow to load, are you losing visitors? Now, you will not only lose visitors but your search engine rankings will drop.

Slow loading web site factors
The factors are all measured from the users’ point of view. How long it takes for a web site to be downloaded and rendered on a users computer screen is the measurement used.

There are two great books based on this topic by Steve Souders – High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites.

Here are his rules for producing fast web sites –

Wrap Up
If you optimise your website, your users will have a better experience and you will get higher rankings in Google search results.

iPad Celebrates Success And iPhone 4.0 OS Announced

The iPad has been hailed a success by Steve Jobs at an Apple press event. The iPad was only launched last Saturday and had already sold over 450,000 – and 300,000 sold on the first day.

Here are some iPad stats –

  • 600,000 iBooks have been downloaded since Saturday
  • Over one million apps hace been downloaded on the Saturday
  • Over 3.5 million apps have been downloaded since Saturday
  • There are now 3,500 iPad-specific apps available
  • The total number of apps downloaded, across all platforms has passed 4 billion

iPhone 4.0 OS with multi-tasking
The new operating system for the iPhone was announced last night. The new iPhone 3GS will have multi-tasking but older iPhones will not.

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iStock: My favourite photo sharing website turns 10 years old

iStock is a photo stock website allowing users to upload and sell images for web and print. It now also includes videos and sounds. Each image, video and sound that is downloaded is charged according to the format, size and type of media.

As a professional web developer, I use iStock nearly everyday in producing website for my customers.

It is amazing to note that iStock started as a free service back in 2000 and still going strong, growing every month.

Here are some of the statistics from iStock in the social networking decade –

iStock is now owned by Getty Images but I still like iStock.

If you have never been to the website, go check it out especially if you are into web design, development or graphic design.

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Social Media: Digg is making a change

Digg is a social bookmarking website allowing users to bookmark their favourite web pages. These bookmarks are then shared with other Digg users. The more Diggs a webpage gets, the better the content must be and so Digg promotes that content to it’s users. It’s like a human search engine of relevant and great content.

Digg has been suffering popularity lately but they could all be about to change.

It was time for a change and the current CEO (Jay Adelson) is departing after 5 years of service with an internal email –

Got some news. After five years, forty million users, and an amazing ride, I’ve decided to step down as CEO of Digg… The entrepreneurial calling is strong…

The original CEO is back! Kevin Rose is making some big changes. He wasted no time with the two following decisions.

Unbanning all previously banned domain names

…with the launch of the new Digg will be unbanning all previously banned domains. While we will apply automated filters to prevent malware/virus/TOS violations, no other restrictions will be placed on content.

Removing iFrame

Framing content with an iFrame is bad for the Internet. It causes confusion when bookmarking, breaks w/iFrame busters, and has no ability to communicate with the lower frame (if you browse away from a story, the old digg count still persists). It’s an inconsistent/wonky user experience, and I’m happy to say we are killing it when we launch the new Digg

We hope that these two changes will help Digg revitalise itself and become a stronger player once again in the social bookmarking market.

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Marketing: The difference between small business marketing and large business marketing

A lot of business owners that I talk to refuse to think or do anything about their marketing. They simply put it into the too hard basket or complain how they hate trying to sell stuff to people.

We are constantly marketing ourselves, our ideas, our products and services and our business. You can have the greatest product in the world but if no one knows about it, it’s useless!

So why do small business owners fail in marketing?
The difference between small business marketing and large business marketing is huge. They are the complete opposite and I will tell you why.

What is large business marketing?
Large businesses measure the results of marketing campaign by how many people now know and recognise their brand. Their goal is to get their name out there into the world. They also have larger budgets and want to spend that money to put their name into everyones’ head!

What is small business marketing?
Small business measure the results at a micro level. They measure how many extra customers they get, how many extra phone calls they got and if there was any increase in sales. They have a small budget and operate their campaigns in a much more refined way. Their goal is to get the customers in the door to spend their money – not to get inside everyones’ head.

What is the difference?
Large businesses are trying to get their name out there and small business are trying to get customers inside.

Wrap Up
How are you marketing your business? Are you putting your message in front of the right audience? Are the customers walking in the door or going to your website? Are they buying your products and services?

Social Media: Cyberbullying on a corporate level – Nestle`Kit Kat Vs Green Peace

Nestle’ has been under attack this week by a guerilla social media attack. Environmental activities have taken to social media to tell everyone that Nestle’ uses palm oil from Indonesia which is destroying the rainforests.

The amount of palm oil used from this supplier is only 1.25% of their total use across their products but it’s not stopping the activists.

The YouTube video has had over 176,000 views within a few days and the KitKat facebook has had an extra 95,000 fans. The new Facebook fans are not happy with nestle and their Facebook page has turned into a nightmare.

Is social media giving power back to the people? Is this a warning to all corporations that if they do the wrong thing, they could be attacked by social media tactics?

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Results from the AVS Networks’ Web Hosting Customer Service Results – Part 2

This is a guest post by Sara Lundgren who designed, setup and analysed the data from a recent survey that I sent out to our web hosting customers. This is part 2 of 2.

The power of knowing your customers
I think many small and medium size businesses are missing out on a lot of valuable information because they believe they don’t have enough time/money/resources to do proper research. I believe this is one of the biggest mistakes a business can do. There is no excuse for not monitoring your customers closely! If you don’t know what your customers want, how are you going to provide a better service/product than your competitors?  If you can’t provide a better service/product than your competitors, how are you going to stay in business? You won’t!

Don’t base your decisions on old information
Another excuse for not continually surveying the customers is that some companies think that they already know their customers‘ needs. But, and this is very important, what you think you know might not be (actually, it seldom is) the truth. We found this out first hand with our survey. Many businesses base their strategies on assumptions and old, outdated information. This is a very dangerous strategy because what was true five years ago, or even last month, might not be true today. In hypercompetitive industries, such as the internet industry where technology and competitive structures changes rapidly, all companies (large corporations as well as small businesses) need to constantly monitor their customers’ needs because they constantly change.

If you know what your customers’ needs are you can adopt your strategies and processes to that and the customers will get what they want, you will get lots of business, and everyone is happy!

What are you doing about it?
Setting up an online survey like the one we did doesn’t take long and it is well invested time. When was the last time you evaluated your customers’ needs? Are you continuously surveying your customers? Do you have any smart tips to share on how to do this? In my next guest blog post I’ll share some of my tips on how to construct a good online survey.

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Social Media: 40% of Jetstar’s Marketing Budget

The power of social media is gaining momentum everyday. Large companies are taking social media serious.

Jetstar is leading the airline industry with innovative social media tactics with the recent announcement that it will direct 40% of its marketing budget to social media –

“We’ve conducted some very successful marketing and PR campaigns via social media in the past 18 months, including YouTube and Twitter, and the response has been phenomenal,” said David May, Jetstar’s head of marketing.”

In comparison to social media, traditional marketing is increasing in cost but I believe the effectiveness is decreasing –

“Social media offers more value for money and is a smarter way to reach our customers – which is what Jetstar is all about.”

Jetstar has previously has sales exclusively on Twitter with proved extremely successfuly –

“In line with the increasing need to talk to smaller, interconnected communities; communities that when aggregated deliver large numbers of engaged and involved brand advocates, we are likely to shift a large percentage of Jetstar’s above the line media spend into digital areas, with an increased focus on social media,” said Richard Smith, managing director of Jetstar’s media buying agency Maxus.

More information can be found at MarketingMag – Social media 40% of Jetstar’s marketing budget

Wrap Up
What are you doing with social media to help your business?

Google: What is Remarketing?

There’s an interesting statistic e-commerce statistic that I have written about earlier. The average time for a customer to make a purchase is 30 hours. This means that most people do not buy a product or service on their first visit. It is usually after they have thought about it and they come back the next day to make their purchase.

What is Remarketing?
The remarketing tool allows advertisers to hit the user days later to try and get their booking or purchase.

Example of Remarketing in action
Imagine someone wants to go to a concert in Sydney. The user visits a particular hotel’s website in Sydney but does not make a booking. The next day, they go to the booking website for the concert which is part of the Google Content Network – they have Google display ads running. The ads that they see are for the hotel they visited the day before. This is remarketing through Google Adwords.

Using this new tool
This new tool is available in your Adwords account if you advertise with Google. More information about this tool can be found here – Now Available: Reach the right audience through remarketing.

GoogleBot Questions: From Eric Enge’s interview with Matt Cutts from Google

What is the GoogleBot?
The googlebot is the automatic spider program that Google uses to visit websites and report back with results to put into it’s search engine results. By understanding how the GoogleBot works and how it interprets your web pages, can increase your search engine rankings.

There are many factors that Google considers when indexing web pages. Here are a couple of questions and answers about how the GoogleBot works and how to get better search engine rankings.

What is host load limit?
Host load limit is the number of connections that your webserver allows at any given time.

A webserver with a lot of busy websites, would be limited to the number of connections each website can have.

That is why it’s important to have a reliable host that does not have overloaded servers. This means that the GoogleBot can index your website quickly and entirely without being restricted.

What is crawl budget?
Google will index a number of web pages on your website which is directly proportional to your PageRank. The lower the PageRank, the less pages of your website will be crawled. If you have a higher PageRank, most, if not all of your pages will be crawled.

The better your PageRank, the deeper the GoogleBot will go with indexing your website.

How does duplicate content affect crawl budget?
If the GoogleBot crawls three of your web pages and they all have the same content, Google will only index one of those pages and scrap the other two pages. It will then assign a lower PageRank value because of the duplicate content resulting in less pages being indexed by Google.

Are Session IDs bad for my website?
Google does not recommend the use of session ids for a number of reasons. They look ugly which is hard for the user to remember the address and less users are likely to click on a complicated link.

Google and Yahoo both have tools to remove unwanted variables in the address bar. Any variables that do not add value to the user’s experience can be removed for indexing.

Does 301 redirects take the link juice?
If you move a page or even change domain names, it is highly recommended to use 301 redirects. The link juice is carried to the new page. If the original page has a PageRank of 3, the new redirected page would take it.

There is some decay in the PageRank value but much of it is carried on.

What is a canonical tag?
Google has a fantastic post that describes everything about canonical tags including the new cross referencing of domain names. Specify your canonical.

Book Review: Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright

This is a book that explains what blogging is, how it works and what to do with it. There really isn’t much on marketing your blog.

I was hoping to get more information on how to market my blog better to increase the number of readers.

Internal communication
What I did get from this book, is how blogging can help big businesses by running internal blogs to help communication within a large organisation. This is great information for the corporate world but no good for the one man blog (ie. mine).

Blog styles
There is a good section on the styles of blogs that exist. Wright calls them – the barber, blacksmith, bridge, window, signpost, pub and newspaper. It gives you an insight into what type of blog you are running or wish to run. Many blogs are a mix of the different styles but it gives you ideas on how to improve your existing blog.

Managing your online social presence
This is a very under-estimated area of social media. Many large companies do not pay attention to what is being said about them or even to find out what is being said.

When a potentially bad situation comes up in social media, companies need to deal with the situation in the best possible way. When businesses react to a vocal customer in social media, they are in full public display. By handling the situation properly and promptly, you can win back that customer and may more through the power of viral social media.

Wrap Up
If you want a book that is targetted to the corporate blogging world with only some information for smaller blogs, this is a great book to read. Do not expect much in the help of getting a lot more readers. I’m going to keep looking for a real blog marketing book.

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Social Media: Lady Gaga has over one billion online views

Lady Gaga is the first music artist with over one billion online video views. She has three music videos on YouTube and Vevo

  • Poker Face – 374 million views
  • Just Dance – 272 million views
  • Bad Romance – 360 million views

A total of over 1 billion online video views.

She is closely followed by Twilight saga with 980 million and Soulja Boy with 860 million, as of today.

What is she doing that makes her such a star? Maybe add your comments below.

Here are her three top videos –

SEO: Are you losing your Google ranking with Cyclical Content?

I’m going to describe an important concept about content that appears year after year on your website. If you had a product that came out each year, for example – a car model from Toyota called the Corolla, what address would give it?


Still unsure? read on and I will explain which one to use.

What is Cyclical Content?
Cyclical content can be defined as information about a product, service or event that comes out each year or period.

You may have an awards event that is on every year or a new model of a product every six months.

The mistake most web designers make when working on your website
Many web designers will make the website address for your event, product or service with the date attached to it or the series number or something like that. For example, the awards website address that you have this year is

What happens next year and people are searching for your awards website address in Google? They type in the name of your awards but what address comes up? This year and all your previous awards website address will be competing against each other.

The answer
The best website address to use is the same one every year or every time the product is released.

These are good addresses because it says the same –


It doesn’t matter what year it is, the current information for your awards will be found in the same spot. Previous years’ award information won’t be competing against other years.

If you wanted to look at the 2006 model of the Toyota Corolla, you would use this address – If you wanted this year’s model, you would use –

Wrap Up
I hope you understand how to use your website address in the most practical way to keep ranking your website high in the search engine results.